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As a Patreon Cosplay Creator, you reward your patrons with special exclusive content. But this content looses its value to your patrons if they can find it anywhere on the web for free.
Unfortunately, the leakers are probably also your patrons… but who?

If you do not want your patrons to reuse your content without your consent, or to publish it on other web sites for commercial use, or to remove your brand or watermark, here is what you have to do.

Use Imatag to track your cosplay photos on the web:

IMATAG tags your images with an invisible watermark and alerts them when the image is found on the internet.

Send your tagged images to your patrons (as a link or attached to a mail) and wait !

  • IMATAG alerts you when one of your images is found on the web,
  • it shows an analytic view of the sites where your photos are posted,
  • and you can even know to which patron the leaked photo was initially sent (read instruction below to know how to proceed).

This is how to proceed to trace the source of an image leak:

1-Sending watermarked sets to patrons

Each time you have to send a set of photos to a patron, upload them on IMATAG in a dedicated folder (use a folder name that will help you identify the patron, like his email address for example).

Then you have two choices to send them:

A- share the photo set using the “send by mail” feature directly from Imatag (the patron will receive a link to download the photos on your IMATAG page)

or B- download the set as a zip and send it to your patron directly.

2-Identifying the leakers

When the image is found by IMATAG it will point to the original copy, just check in which folder it was : it corresponds to the patron at the origin of the leak.

If you found a copy by yourself, you can make a reverse search directly from your IMATAG account (top menu) and get the same result.

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