Image Tagging And Tracking Service


Companies spend over $500 billion on photos each year, yet only a few know where those images end up.


Knowing where your images are can let you:

  • Enforce compliance
  • Detect unauthorized usage and leaks
  • Prevent brand erosion
  • Calculate earned media
  • Increase ROI
track and monitor your visual assets to optimise their ROI
Benefits of tracking your assets

IMATAG works in 3 steps


Advanced Image ID

Unique patented invisible watermark supported by powerful visual recognition:

  • persistent
  • imperceptible
  • preserves metadata
  • indelible

Hidden randomly within pixels and imperceptible, our unique identifier remains even after heavy compression, format change, editing, cropping…

profiled trackingSmart Crawling

BROAD and DEEP crawling
smart crawler

Comprehensive monitoring

  • Smart crawlers optimized to continuously monitor millions of public websites and customers’ specific verticals.
  • Powerful recognition algorithm searching for your assets in millions of images found everyday, including specific sources, feeds, videos or PDF’s.
  • Monitors print and web
  • Recognizes images even if cropped, flipped, grayscale, colorized, screenshots


Alerts and Analytics

A comprehensive view across all channels of where, how and by whom your assets are being used


Settings : authorized sources, alerting rules

Overview and insight of where your content is used

alerts and reports screen

Publication sources

Extensive list of web sites and print publications

Matched images

Intuitive display of image matches, screenshots, framing

Decision-making data

Publication’s context, match type (text, visual, marked), site’s popularity, whitelist…

Why chose IMATAG

The only solution combining image recognition and invisible watermark

Reliable identification allows workflow automation

No distracting watermark

Tracks images on Print and Web

Works for multi-copy content

Scales to hundred of millions of images

Easy implementation

A wide choice of interfaces to streamline protection and integrate tracking into your existing workflow


Cloud based access

User management

Extensive dashboard

Custom alerts

Visual Search


Simple Rest API

Easy integration

On-Premise tagging

Highly scalable


Commercial and technical partnership with world-class DAM vendors in various verticals.

White label

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