Safely stock, share and track your images on the web

Image protection

Professional or passionate photographers, agencies, photo-jounalists, archives, funds …

Publish your photos without losing their track.

Image search, copyright finder

Publishers, communicators, iconographers, editors, freelance journalists, bloggers …

Find an image, its author and its rights.

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 : Tag – Share – Track

Let us guide you through our intuitive and smooth interface.

imatag invisible watermarking

01. Tag

Image watermarking

With a simple web browser, transfer your images to your IMATAG photo library. Your photos are automatically marked, you have nothing to do.

No more watermarks that spoil your photos, no more trimmed signatures, our marking is invisible and indelible.


02. Share

Publication and sharing

Who is allowed to see your photos ?

Can they be downloaded? In SD or HD? With one without signature ?

Can they be shared ? By mail, private link or on social networks ?

It’s up to you.


03. Track

Tracking and alerts

Your images are automatically tracked on the web editorial content.

You are immediately notified by email when one of your images is found on the web.

These alerts as well as the consultation of your contents by the public are recorded on your dashboard.

Features dedicated to your activity

imatag invisible watermarking

Invisible and indelible watermark

We tag your photos with an invisible identifier. It allows you to prove that you are the author, and to be alerted when IMATAG finds it published.
It remains detectable even when the photo is resized, compressed, recolored …

stockage imatag

Private storage with access and shares control

Store and organize your photo library, manage the access links sent to your recipients


Tracking Print&Web

We browse the images of editorial sites but also pdf documents of the press (on demand) to find your images.


Sharing Options

  • send links by email
  • chose recipients’ options (web view, SD or HD download)
  • QRCode sharing
  • Facebook and twitter sharing
  • Visible signature options

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